If your cellular phone, PDA, or pager is capable of receiving text messages, the providers automatically convert email to Text messages. To receive eAlerts as text messages on your cellular phone, PDA, or pager, refer to your provider for actual instructions. Use your text message email address provided by your carrier to subscribe to Riverside County eAlert Subscription Service. Examples of Text email addresses for various providers are:

  • Alltel: your 10 digit number@alltel.com 

  • AT&T: your 10 digit number@mms.att.com or
    10 digit number@txt.att.net

  • Boost Mobile: your 10 digit number@myboostmobile.com

  • Cingular: your 10 digit number@cingularme.com or
    10 digit number@txt.att.net

  • Nextel: your 10 digit number@messaging.nextel.com

  • Sprint: your 10 digit number@messaging.sprintpcs.com

  • T-Mobile: your 10 digit number@tmomail.net

  • US Cellular: your 10 digit number@email.uscc.net 

  • Verizon: your 10 digit number@vtext.com

  • Virgin Mobile: your 10 digit number@vmobl.com 

  • SkyTel: your pager PIN or Personal Access Number @skytel.com

  • Arch Wireless: Your pager PIN @archwireless.net

Please check with your provider to obtain the most recent access method and that your cellular phone or PDA is authorized to receive text or email messages.